Chinese Zodiac: Dog Compatibility With Rabbit

This does not mean that they should become egoistic. You can help others more effectively if you have come clean with yourself first. People born in the year of the Rabbit are most often intelligent above par. It is not necessarily the technical mathematical intelligence measured at psychological tests but one that shows at every day's life; some sort of social intelligence. They possess valuable virtues and behind almost every Rabbit person you find someone with a big heart in which is much space.

They like to be among people and most often have a big family to which they feel connected. The love Rabbits show is beyond the love for the fellowman. He feels most often also a love for nature. He feels that he is part of it, part of the big whole picture. In our times where our environment is exploited and destroyed at which the oceans are poisoned, the air polluted, animals extinct and forests are cut away sometimes this connection to nature becomes a source of deep sorrow for the Rabbit. He does not tend to get depressed but the destruction of nature hits his heart.

One possibility to meet this pain is for Rabbits the art. He is always talented in one artistic area and it is good for him to be creative. It belongs to his being and builds the balance he needs inside. If the positive turns into the negative with a Rabbit it most often looks like the good qualities become unbelievable by exaggeration and seem affected.

The generosity of the Rabbits then escalates into wastefulness and others get easily the impression he wants to buy their love. Even the sensitivity, the sense for family and the friendliness of the Rabbit can turn into the negative by exaggeration. Essentially the Rabbit is a sign for luck not only for others but also at his own development he is mostly lucky if he uses his emotional intelligence to recognize himself. It helps him to quickly unravel prejudice - also the ones concerning his own persona - and throw them away. A Rabbit managing not to solely concentrate on others but also on him is the embodiment of one of the happiest signs.

The Wood-Rabbit is introvert, generous and understanding. Sometimes people risk abusing the Wood-Rabbit's benevolence.

Rabbit 12222 Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast

He has a hard time to tame his creativity, which makes him sometimes depressed, but all the Wood-Rabbit undertakes stands doubtlessly under a good star. The Wood-Rabbit is talented to work in research. He is a team-player. He is neither a loner nor an adventurer. Once the Wood-Rabbit has made experiences, he learns to be less undecided and also shows humour.

The latter the Wood-Rabbit uses to get rid of his restlessness. This rabbit needs much safety and material backing. Therefore, he likes to work at an authority and thus creates the certainty of a lifelong income. The Wood-Rabbit does not make big jumps ahead but climbs the career ladder slowly and cautiously, always considering others. A partner has heaven on earth with such a rabbit person.

However, the Wood-Rabbit's partner can be assured to be carried on hands an entire life as careful as if he would be a precious treasure. The Fire-Rabbit possesses great vitality, unusual creativity and loves the action more than other rabbits. Despite his fascination and his assertiveness, the Fire-Rabbit will always dodge difficulties and conflicts out of pure cautiousness.

As an expert in the matter of compromise, the Fire-Rabbit is able to start a small intrigue to get to his goal. He is very intuitive, patient and understanding. The Fire-Rabbit could be successful in the world of the theatre. The Fire-Rabbit is a lot less restrained than his sign-comrades.

Money and career

With enthusiasm and cordiality, he enters the fray and warms to his fellow men with his open demeanour. However, the Fire-Rabbit cannot deal with disappointment. If he is not provided with support or is not appreciated, a Fire-Rabbit feels deadly unhappy. Without the acknowledgement of other people, without their friendly accommodation, this rabbit misses the primary motivation to live. Partners of the Fire-Rabbit are often confronted with a surprising mixture of charm, shyness, temper and assertiveness.

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To be at a Fire-Rabbit's side means no boredom for sure. The Earth-Rabbit is very responsible, possesses imagination and uses his energy for a concrete performance. He is independent and often a loner.

The general hectic disturbs and angers him. This rabbit is the direct opposite of an adventurer.

Year of the Rabbit: Fortune, Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Personality

He is homely, a charming friend, a pure introvert. In the matters of the heart, the Earth-Rabbit is sentimental. He loves the safety and hates volatility. The Earth creates in this rabbit a greater steadfastness and lets him remain on the ground. Factual and rational is the life attitude of an Earth-Rabbit. His moves will always be thoroughly thought through. More than other rabbits, the Earth-Rabbit needs the safety of material stability. Therefore, he is constant in his work and does not tend to postpone decisions. He is also not as hedonistic as other rabbits and also puts less value in a nice environment. However, with problems the Earth-Rabbit deals as secretive as other rabbits and entirely withdraws in himself.

Alone, he attempts to work through what occupies his mind and can barely be drawn out. The Metal-Rabbit is quite robust and sometimes is a fan of violent or dangerous sports. Basically, he is aggressive, which enables him to achieve great results. His projects the Metal-Rabbit leads with an iron fist. However, before the Metal-Rabbit takes on an undertaking, he analyses, calculates and assesses difficulties thoroughly.

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With this systematic analyses, he sometimes misses excellent opportunities. The Metal-Rabbit is helpful, loyal, sensual and faithful in love and friendship. The Metal-Rabbit's ability to compromise and diplomatic skill is not very pronounced. He is very much suited for a responsible position because he possesses excellent observation skills and a nearly instinctive surety when it is about solving a problem. This ambitious rabbit wants to advance.

Apart from his talent to go his way with intelligence and a clear judgement of the mind, the Metal-Rabbit is a big enjoyer. The Water-Rabbit belongs to the most sensitive and most intuitive of all rabbits and is equipped with an excess of charm, persuasiveness and imagination. He possesses an excellent memory and can be given the most selective tasks.

It is theorized that a person's characteristics are decided by their birth year's zodiac animal sign and element. This means there are five types of Rabbit, each with different characteristics. Chinese zodiac compatibility is based on the characteristics of the animals, and only those who match well can be good partners. See below for whether the Rabbit is compatible with your sign or not. Take our online love Compatibility test.

With a pair of dexterous hands, Rabbits have a gift for calligraphy and painting as well as tailoring and cooking. Strengths: Rabbits have good social relationships. They are popular with others as they are gentle and considerate.

2019 Rabbit Zodiac Horoscope Fortune Forecast for Year of Earth Pig - Wealth, Career, Love, Health

With a good sense of humor, they can turn a dispute into a good discussion and make enemies into friends. Weaknesses: With an excess of universal love and charity, they may have conflicts of interest.


With a lack of resolution, they have trouble with being emotionally swayed. Overall, Rabbits have average health. In winter to late spring, when in relatively poor health, they should do more sports to prevent colds and other infectious diseases, and have a healthy daily diet. Rabbits are advised to do some indoor exercise to cope with stress and tension.

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In , anyone born in a year of the Rabbit is forecast to have a prosperous life. Financially, Rabbits will make a great deal of profit. In their careers, they will do well and complete their work with extraordinarily high proficiency. With regard to relationships, however, they will be out of luck. Rabbits have good career prospects in with great chances for a promotion. They will be helped by seniors or leaders. There are no serious health problems predicted in for Rabbits and they will have an easy year physically.